Paracord Accessories


Paracord Bracelet
SKU: RC#925-BK-7.0

The ever-popular paracord bracelet is a great gift idea

Available in Black, Oive Drab and twined Black and OD - Small through XL

Our price: $5.95

Nylon 550 Paracord
SKU: RC#308-100F-BK

550 Nylon Paracord has many uses, originally used by the military, this durable, lightweight cord is ideal for any survival situation and fits great inside a Bug Out Bag. Parachute Cord is also ideal for making bracelets, key-chains and other rope accessories.

Our price: $9.95

BLACKHAWK! Carabiners - Locking

Blackhawk locking carabiners have a working load strength – force rated to 26kN, in excess of 5,800 lbs, and are made of black anodized aluminum.

Our price: $19.99

Camcon - Locking Carabiners
SKU: PF#23000-SM

Camcon® Locking Carabiners are designed to hold items or secure gear. They can be used for securing gear, emergency repairs or attaching items to packs, belts, lines, etc.

Our price: $3.99


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