McRae Footwear

McRae Footwear
Since 1967, McRae has consistently manufactured military footwear for the United States Department of Defense. Not a single year has passed when McRae was not a key supplier of footwear to the most advanced fighting force in the World. The reason that our military has always relied on McRae Footwear as a contractor is because of our unprecedented craftsmanship and our commitment to providing military personnel with a product that surpasses performance standards; a product that many consider to be the most important item a soldier possesses.

Due to popular demand, McRae Footwear is now offering to the commercial marketplace the same level of performance, durability and quality that our US Military requires. Our mission from the beginning was simple. We will do one thing and we will do it right! At McRae Footwear, we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality and most durable military footwear available on the market today and we proudly do so 100% in the United States.*


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