USAF Fire Protection Badges

The Air Force Fire Protection Badge is a military badge of the United States Air Force that is issued to those service members who have been trained in safety and fire prevention, have qualified as military firefighters, and have been assigned to an Air Force fire department. The Air Force Fire Protection Badge is considered an identification emblem rather than a personal decoration and is only worn when serving in the capacity as an Air Force firefighter; the Air Force Fire Protection Badge must be surrendered upon termination of duty as a firefighter and is not considered a permanent decoration.

The Air Force Fire Protection Badge is worn on the lower left breast pocket of a military uniform. The badge is similar in appearance to the Air Force Security Police Badge. The Fire Protection career field falls under Civil Engineering.  All Air Force Fire Protection Specialists are also awarded the Civil Engineer Occupational Badge, which stays with the Airman throughout his or her career.  Other branches of the U.S. military have not authorized a specific firefighter badge for wear of military uniforms.  Only Air Force personnel are authorized to wear a firefighter badge on Air Force uniforms (highly polished metal for dress uniforms, subdued green for BDU, subdued tan for DCU). Source:


USAF Fire Protection Badge - ABU

USAF Fire Protection Badges for the NFPA ABU Uniform.

Ordering Options: Firefighter, 2-Bugle Parallel, 2-Bugle Crossed, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief and Chief.

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