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ERT Ballistic Shield
SKU: USI#ERT-24x36

The United Shield E.R.T shield has been designed in conjunction with officers from various US Firearms Units, to satisfy a need for a shield which is light and versatile, while being strong and robust. The shield is ambidextrous, so that left and right handed operators can use the same shield quickly and without any need to change handle positions.

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5.11 Tactical - Active Patrol Breaching Kit
SKU: 50267
Every second counts in an active shooter situation and patrol officers are generally first on-scene. With the Active Patrol Breaching Kit from 5.11 Tactical you'll have the MultiPry and Multisledge in a handy Active Kit Sling Bag. Click for details.

Our price: $579.99

5.11 Tactical - Heavy Breaching Kit
SKU: 50268

Created for use by law enforcement, military, and emergency breaching teams, the Heavy Breaching Kit includes four 5.11 Breaching Tools designed to defeat any portal quickly and effectively, along with a steel-reinforced, backpack-style Heavy Kit Bag that keeps your Breaching Tools organized and ready to roll. Engineered to provide maximum entry efficiency and minimized exposure time against portals of any size or strength, the Heavy Breaching Kit is the ultimate entry solution for any law enforcement, military or emergency services agency.

Phone or Fax orders only per Agency Purchase Order on official letterhead.  Call us for more information (800) 531-5529 / Fax (210) 675-6138.

Our price: $1,499.99

BLACKHAWK! Entry Tool Tactical Backpack Kit-C (TBK-C)

To better meet the needs of our customers, Dynamic Entry® continuously seeks input from operators in the field. Designed specifically to meet Active Shooter call outs, the TBK-C carries the ThunderMaul™, the BoltMaster™ and the newly designed Active Shooter Hallagan Tool™ .

Our price: $569.95
MSRP: $599.99 save 5%

BLACKHAWK! Special Operations Entry Ram

The newest edition to the Dynamic Entry® family of rams, the Special Operations Entry Ram answers all of the requests and suggestions of operators in the field for a compact, yet powerful tactical entry ram. Weighs 30 pounds and is 25” in length.

Our price: $299.99


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