Boots - ABU Sage Green

The Air Force Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) is the result of the evolution of the early Vietnam tiger stripe, similar to the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) with the inclusion of the slate blue color, and being nearly identical to the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU). The sage ABU boots that are required to be worn with the Air Force ABU are a rough-out sage green boot including composite, soft or safety steel toe, waterproofed Gore-tex insulated versions, and made with or without side zippers.

KEL-LAC Uniforms, Inc. offer sage ABU Boots from a host of vendors including:

  • 5.11
  • Bates
  • Belleville
  • Converse®
  • Corcoran
  • Danner®
  • Rockport
  • Rocky
  • Tactical Research
  • Wellco

Also available are moisture-wicking socks in matching color to comply with military specifications. Boot styles can include smooth, stain–resistant “wipe and wear” materials that have been waterproof insulated to keep feet dry. Breathable leather is also waterproof using a Gore-Tex® bootie and a moisture wicking lining. Styles include fiberglass shanks with sturdy stitch down construction. It is most important that a boot keep feet cool and dry in the desert conditions and most are hand-made, one at a time.

You want an aggressive, sturdy, solid boot that is flexible inside for comfort and support. Padded comfort collars and breathable vented drainage holes allow for tough wet and dry conditions. What is reassuring is that all of the features have been soldier-tested, proven to withstand the punishment dished out by those in service-related professions while providing a platform of comfort from which to work hard.

There are boots made to withstand various environments deigned to boost performance regardless of the mission. Then there are mission specific boots that are made for light duty, medium and heavy duty. Some designs specialize in being the only true flame resistant soling system, providing strength as well as comfort and durability. Some have an antimicrobial lining that is both protective and comfortable with premium soles and outsoles. The zippered boot is tied up with the laces and then uses the zippers from then on for quick change.

All of the boots offered through KEL-LAC Uniforms, Inc. incorporate cutting-edge features, designed with traditional construction processes that ensure durability at great value. Boots are made to be oil and slip resistant with a quiet sole for stealth in tactical situations. The understanding is that the average shift is a long one so comfort is key when outfitting service-related professions. Shop the many offerings to get exactly what you need in sage ABU Boots from KEL-LAC.

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Reebok® Dauntless RB8835 8" Comp Toe Side Zip Boot - Sage
SKU: WAR#RB8835-M-6.0

Reebok® Dauntless RB8835 8" Composite Toe Side Zip Boot - Sage.

Our price: $109.95

Rocky® C4Trainer™ - Sage
SKU: C4T-40M

The C4T Sage has all of the elements needed to withstand the toughest of conditions. From the padded comfort collar to the breathable vented drainage holes for wet and dry wear, all of the features have been soldier-tested to withstand the pounding dished out by those in military or service-related professions while delivering a comfortable platform to work from.

Training with Confidence, Courage, Commitment, and Comfort

Our price: $119.99
MSRP: $140.00 save 14%

Danner® 55314 - Tanicus 8" Sage Hot
SKU: DAN#55314-D-3.0

With the same rough-out leather and rugged nylon that you expect from Danner, we built the Tanicus to be our lightest military boot that is theater ready. Featuring an added layer of cushioning in the midsole and a dampening heel cup, we used a polyurethane footbed to ensure that comfort won’t break down over time. The breathable, moisture wicking mesh liner keeps you cool in hot climates and the outsole's pentagonal lug pattern gives you stability in a variety of terrain.

Our price: $129.95

Reebok® 8" Rapid Response RB8990 Comp Toe Side-Zip - Sage
SKU: WAR#RB8990-M-5.0

Reebok Men's Stealth 8" Boot with Side Zipper features  comfort and performance with tactical design and 100% non-metallic safety toe.

Our price: $129.95

Tactical Research QRF ALPHA S9

The Tactical Research QRF ALPHA S9 is a hot weather assault boot designed by Tactical Research a division of Belleville Boot. The QRF Series was designed to address the infil & exfil operations of a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) team. The boot offers a unique and purposeful option for when movement is essential. With design and performance influences from the outdoor trekking and approach shoe category, the QRF Series integrates an aggressive, lace-to-toe closure system, a medial side rappelling overlay and low profile soling system to enhance performance in multiple environments.


Our price: $129.99

Danner® 50132 Tachyon 8" Sage Green
SKU: 50132-4D

Danner has taken our typical Danner boot and completely overhauled it to take out any and all extra weight without neglecting comfort and performance. This upper is completely synthetic for superior weight savings with the added benefit of an ultra-fast dry time. Speed lacing and a 3-layer comfort system work together to create a snug, comfortable fit. Most boots in this weight category have a composite rubber outsole but the Tachyon features a true rubber outsole for superior abrasion resistance and traction.

Our price: $134.99

Tactical Research TR636CT - Maintainer
SKU: BVB#TR636CT-R-3.0

New from Tactical Research, the Maintainer TR636CT is a great alternative to stained, dirty suede boots.

Our price: $139.95
MSRP: $171.00 save 18%

Tactical Research TR660 - KHYBER
SKU: BVB#TR660-R-3.0
  • Air Force uniform policy compatible
  • Exclusive vibram® "ibex" outsole for rugged terrain
  • Heel and toe overlays designed to extend wear and life of boot
  • Low profile sole reduces weight and improves mobility
  • TR-1 load bearing orthotic insole
  • Breathable lunar lining

Our price: $139.95

Tactical Research TR103 - Mini-Mil
SKU: BVB#TR103-SG-R-3.0

A true minimalist boot featuring a 5mm “drop” between the heel & forefoot, the Mini-Mil® is designed specifically for the conditioned warrior athlete currently training in minimalistic athletic footwear. This quick-drying unlined boot is not only highly breathable, but lightweight too - weighing less than 2 lbs a pair.

PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING: If you are wearing the MINI-MiL™ for the first time or have not previously trained in minimalist footwear such as Vibram® FiveFingers, we encourage a very gradual transition as you will be using new muscles in the feet and lower legs. We recommend wearing the MINI-MiL™ for 1 – 2 hour intervals the first few weeks. Gradually increase usage as your body strengthens and adapts.

Our price: $139.99
MSRP: $168.00 save 17%

Tactical Research TR636ZCT - Maintainer - Side-Zip
SKU: TR#636ZCT-M-3.0

TR636ZCT - MAINTAINER Hot Weather Weather Lightweight Performance Side-zip Composite Toe Boot.

Our price: $144.95
MSRP: $175.00 save 17%

Tactical Research TR696Z CT Ultra Lightweight Side-Zip Composite Toe Boot

Tactical Research’s lightest boot yet, the Flyweight TR696Z CT boot is perfectly suited for garrison and light range use. In addition to its athletic feel and fit, this boot also contains a side zipper for easy entry and exit and a Composite Toe for added protection.

Our price: $144.95
MSRP: $166.00 save 13%

Danner® 55315 - Tanicus 8" Sage Dry Non-Metallic Toe
SKU: DAN#55315-D-3.0

The Danner® 55315 - Tanicus 8" Sage Dry Non-Metallic Toe boot is lightweight and responsive, yet with all the rugged durability you demand, the Tanicus will stand up to the elements and keep you on your feet and focused on the mission.

Our price: $149.95

Corcoran 87146 ABU Marauder
SKU: CSC#87146-D-6.0

Mens Corcoran 10” Sage Green Marauder designed for the new Air Force ABU with X-STATIC® lining.

Available under GSA contract GS-07F-0330T.

Our price: $169.95

Corcoran 87257 ABU Marauder - Womens
SKU: CSC#87257-M-5.0

Made for women, the Corcoran 10” Sage Green Marauder.

Available for purchase under GSA contract GS-07F-0330T.

Our price: $169.95

Danner® 26117 USAF TFX® GTX® Military Boots
SKU: DAN#261171

This Sage style from Danner® offers a breathable GORE-TEX® lining to keep your feet dry in wet weather.

This Danner item is being DISCONTINUED - Please confirm inventory with us before ordering - 800-531-5529.  Sizes listed are in stock, but this can change day to day.  Thanks,

Our price: $169.95
MSRP: $180.00 save 6%

Reebok® Fusion MAX - Sage
SKU: WAR#8999-M-6.0
Fusion MAX - Made in the USA Series military boots by REEBOK.  The Fusion MAX provides five layers of cushioning under the heel and three layers under the forepart: deeper total cushioning for amazing comfort and impact protection.
GSA Schedule Item

Our price: $169.99

Reebok® Fusion MAX - Sage Steel Toe
SKU: WAR#8998-M-6.0
Fusion MAX - Made in the USA Series military boots by REEBOK.  The Fusion MAX provides five layers of cushioning under the heel and three layers under the forepart: deeper total cushioning for amazing comfort and impact protection.
GSA Schedule Item

Our price: $169.99

Belleville 612Z - Hot Weather Side-Zip Tactical Boot
SKU: BVB#612Z-R-4.0

Designed with the idea that lightweight is not just a feature, but a requirement, the 612Z is one of the lightest Berry Compliant side-zip boots in the market. This mission ready boot is built on an athletic strobel-stitch construction and features the EXCLUSIVE VIBRAM® "INCISOR" outsole.

Our price: $180.00

Salomon Forces Jungle Ultra - Sage
SKU: L39346700-75

Developed for operations in wet, warm environments, the JUNGLE ULTRA has a really stable Advanced Chassis™ and long-distance comfort with EVA midsole. Drainage holes, sipping and hydrophobic foams make it the perfect partner for jungle and water operations. 


Our price: $180.00

Belleville 612 ST - Hot Weather Tactical Steel Toe Boot
SKU: SKU183631

A tactical boot in design, this steel toe boot is built on an athletic strobel-stitch construction and features a 100% rubber EXCLUSIVE VIBRAM® "INCISOR" outsole. This tough and durable outsole not only reduces the weight of the boots but is also long-wearing, slip resistant, flexible and shock absorbing.

Our price: $185.50


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