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The C.I.A. (Credentials Information Access) Lanyard is the perfect carrier for your CAC card or other electronic ID. Cards slide in quickly, lock into place and can be removed easily.

Our price: $16.95

Luxenberg Buckle
The Morry Luxenberg Buckle has been worn by officers and MTI's for over 35 years.

Our price: $12.95

Rothco - POW/MIA Flag (3' x 5')
SKU: RC#1463

Polyester, 3' X 5’

Our price: $7.95

SFS Pennant
SKU: SFS Pennant
This custom made pennant is ideal for a SFS member going away. It measure 12" x 8" and fits nicely into a framed plaque. Order options available.

Our price: $49.95

Smith & Wesson Model 100 Handcuffs
SKU: KRI#350103-NI

Smith & Wesson's Original Model 100 Series Handcuffs. Durable, Proven.

Our price: $24.95

Zak Tool Handcuff Key - Steel, Pocket
Handcuff keys are of a standard design and are compatible with all standard series handcuffs. Heat treated stainless steel and designed to provide an indefinite period of service.

Our price: $8.95

Armband ID
SKU: Armband ID

Display an identification card or credentials with a hook and loop closure to keep it secure.

Our price: $9.95

Leather Wallet - Bifold Wallet (SF)
SKU: PF#107-148SF
This Leather Wallet is Security Forces Badge-Ready. Features a Bifold Wallet with Money Pocket, 6 CC slots and flipping ID. SF Shield Cut - Height: 2.65 (in.) | Width: 1.70 (in.). Badge cut designed for your Security Forces metal badge.

Made in USA.

Our price: $26.95

Leather Wallet - Recessed Badge Wallet (SF)
SKU: PF#105-148SF
This Recessed Badge Wallet has with 5 credit card slots, a single ID Window that fits ID size 2 1/2” x 4”. The badge insert is specifically cut for the USAF Security Forces badge.

Our price: $29.95

Military Uniform Shirt Stays
SKU: RC#7196

Shirt stays prevent your shirt from coming untucked and your socks from falling down!

Our price: $6.95

Stirrup Style Black Shirt Stays
SKU: RC#7198-BK
  • Black
  • 2 per pack
  • Soft stretch fabric
  • Double clip attaches to shirt tail
  • Loop slips over foot
  • Metal adjusters
  • One size fits all

Our price: $9.95

Shirt Lock
SKU: SL#26543

SHIRT LOCK has 10x the tensile strength as velcro, Shirt Lock keeps your shirt tails where they belong!

Our price: $15.95

Velcro Blousing Straps
SKU: RC#6199-BK

Hook and loop velro blousing straps in black only.

Our price: $3.50

Helmet Band with Cat Eyes
SKU: RC#9357-FG

Order with or without Names tapes available.

Available in Foliage, Desert Tan or Coyote

Our price: $4.95


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